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Class 5 | English Textbook | NOVA ENGLISH READER | Lesson 9 : AN INTERESTING MAGIC SHOW | Pg 34

Page No. 35

I. Answer the following questions:
    1. Who showed magic in your school?
    Ans: A magician showed magic in our

    2. What did the magician have with him?
    Ans: The magician had a stick in one
    hand and a handkerchief in the other.

Page No. 36
    3. Where did he place his things?
    Ans: He placed his things on the table
    and arranged them in order.

    4. Who witnessed the magic show?
    Ans: The Principal, the teachers and
    madams and the students witnessed
    the magic show.

    5. Did the students like of the magic
    Ans: Yes, they did.

    6. What was the magician wearing?
    Ans: The magician was wearing a black
    coat and a hat.

    7. How many tricks did the magician
    Ans: The magician showed three tricks.

    8. Which was the magician's best trick?
    Ans: The third one was the magician's
    best trick. In that trick, he just waved his
    hand and, there in his hand was a
    garland of paper flowers!

    9. What did the magician put round the
    Principal's neck?
    Ans: The magician put a garland of
    paper flowers round the Principal's neck.

    10. Who thanked the magician?
    Ans: The Principal thanked the

II. Fill in the blanks with the words given below:
        tall, carpets, rabbits, each, garland
        shows, different, burst, tore, pockets
    1. Here's a picture with five ____.
    Ans: rabbits

    2. How ____ the magician is!
    Ans: tall

    3. He put ____ round the Principal's neck.
    Ans: garland

    4. The boys and girls were sitting ____ in
    Ans: carpets

    5. He sells balloons of ____ colours.
    Ans: different

    6. The magician have a plate of sweets
    to ____.
    Ans: each

    7. He ____ a page out of his notebook.
    Ans: tore

    8. The cinemas in our town have two
    ____ on all week days.
    Ans: shows

    9. He was wearing a long coat with big
    Ans: pockets

    10. They ____ out into a peal of laughter.
    Ans: burst

III. Give each beginning in column A its right ending from column B:

    Column A
    1. The boys and girls chose Sarvesh
    2. They elected Mr. Azar
    3. The players made Bedi
    4. Subhash wants to make
    5. Satwant was made

    Column B
     their captain.
     his son a doctor.
     to sign an agreement.
     secretary of the club.
     monitor of the class
    1. The boys and girls chose Sarvesh
    monitor of the class.
    2. They elected Mr. Azar secretary of the
    3. The players made Bedi their captain.
    4. Subhash wants to make his son a
    5. Satwant was made to sign an

I. (a) Punctuate the following:
        1. who is showing magic tricks
        Ans: Who is showing magic tricks?

        2. please don't take it there said he
        Ans: "Please don't take it there." said

        3. if its a good plan they will agree
        Ans: If it's a good plan, they will agree.

        4. my field was gods earth
        Ans: My field was God's earth.

    (b) Give the opposite of the following
        ⏺️morning : evening
        ⏺️present : absent
        ⏺️sitting : standing
        ⏺️full : empty
        ⏺️back : front
        ⏺️long : short
        ⏺️big : small
        ⏺️bottom : top
        ⏺️after : before
        ⏺️like : dislike

   (c) Pick out the adjectives in these
        1. There was a magic show in our
        Ans: magic

        2. The students were sitting in the
        school hall.
        Ans: school

        3. The teachers are sitting in cane
        Ans: cane

        4. The magician was a very tall man.
        Ans: tall

        5. He had a black cloth in his hand.
        Ans: black

II. Learn Number
        Singular                 Plural
        show                      shows
        school                    schools
        carpets                   carpets
        coat                        coats
        stick                       sticks
        table                       tables
        colour                     colours
        picture                    pictures
        pocket                    pockets
        Trick                       tricks
        rabbit                      rabbits
        cloth                       clothes